Thursday, September 26, 2002

I fully expect that this will be a very occasional foray into the dusty crevices of what I like to call "my mind", but I'm starting with enthusiasm and excitement. And a huge hitlist of targets I want to rail against, tahoma-spit spattering the occasional web-surfer... mmm, I feel good already.

So, watch out: Roy Keane, Countryside Alliance (sic) Marchers, PaleBlueBlair etc. I'm comin' to getcha...
I may even talk about something I like at some stage, so keep watchin'...

My, don't I sound a scary bunny? Nope, not really. How about I go "Grrrrrr" instead. Ah, well...

So is this the point at which I tell you a little bit about myself? I guess I should - I mean, it's only polite, isn't it?

I'm male, white, thirty-odd [thus indicating the upper end of the scale, as you'd imagine by my dull-witted atempt at evasion], married to a beautiful Australian woman [who's also a blogger], and living in Manchester, NorthWest England [place of my birth, and first love]. My ID is supposed to be a clever and witty reference to one of my alter-egos "Ian X Bloggs", but it's a joke that only I'll get.
Which may well be the best kind.

I'm a scruffy, tousle-haired student, dossing and lounging, sponging off society at the taxpayers' expense [© The Daily Mail].

Studying what? Mental Health Nursing, that's what. This means that:

a) I'll get to be called a "Registered Mental Nurse" early next year - oh, how we laugh about that.
b) I can be as politically-incorrect as I like when discussing concepts such as madness and sanity. It's called a coping mechanism, folks.
c) I can't tell you one measly story about my work, as I'd be breaking patient confidentiality. So look elsewhere. Or ask me off-the-record. I still won't tell you, so try buying me a drink and see if that works.


Errrmmm, how about Football [watching-not-playing, you fool - ah, my beloved QPR],

Travel [mainly watching - shit, I love cable], esp. Spain [I have toured extensively and can pass muster in the lingo],

"Socialising" [does that mean eating till I feel sick, and drinking to the same level? Not telling],

Music [I really have no aptitude in this area, but my tinnitus-ravaged ears yearn for sweet music like ... like ... a head desires a hat. Or something. Insert your own analogy, if you're so smart].

And I hate to say it, but Television too... Current fave? Six Feet Under! It is the best thing on TV in the last 5 years! Love, sex, death [lots of], disease, sexuality, religion, more death, lust, drugs, relationships, family... they're all there. Fabulous stuff.

That sounds rather pathetic, doesn't it? I'm sure I must be more interesting than that... Well, I hope I will be when I start earning more money, and can at least buy an "interesting" life.
This bit is blank. Spooky, eh?